Dear parents, caregivers and companies,

Now that there are more and more infections by COVID-19 and all schools are closed we would like to be a helping hand for parents who are in conflict with staying at home for the children or going to work. Of course, we give priority to parents who work in healthcare and also want to offer them a more attractive rate. In addition, we hope that the government will receive financial support so that there are even fewer burdens for these hard-working care providers.

As the first nanny agency in Amsterdam, we gave hundreds of parents a helping hand over the years and children an enjoyable day. We have several nannies who are teachers, tutors and experienced in homework assistance. Our nannies can come to your home or location to provide one of these services. The nanny can supervise/babysit a maximum of 3 children. Children can come from several families, so the parents can spread the costs among themselves. Our nannies have a pedagogical background, extensive experience and speak Dutch and English. In addition, we have nannies that are multilingual, such as: Spanish, German and French.

The measures that we take are the measures that are used according to RIVM.

Here is a list of the measures that our nannies will take:
– no physical contact between the nanny and parent(s)
– the nanny will take extra measures to prevent contamination; wash hands, sneeze into the elbow, etc.
– as soon as the nanny has symptoms of fever/flu or a cold, another nanny is called in

We have been working with hotels, schools and companies such as the Conservatorium hotel, DoubleThree, The International British School, ABN AMRO and WTC Amsterdam to our full satisfaction.
We use an hourly rate per nanny, not per child, which spreads the costs. in addition, we would like to accommodate parents for whom the rate is a challenge, everything is negotiable.

We are happy to help you through this period. Stay safe!

Kind regards,

Rachel Pietersma & the whole team