I started in childcare where I worked for quite a long time. I’ve always felt love for children so it felt natural to me. After that I had the idea to start a childcare myself, but after a lot of reflection I chose a different direction. No more childcare, but the entertainment of children in the broadest sense of the word. I wanted to bring them pleasure and put a smile on their face. I then pursued my passion. Started with Kids Party Planner in 2012, 8 years ago, and from there I set up the High-End Nanny Service a few years later as the second company in which childcare returned, but in a completely different guise.

In summary: from the High-End Nanny Service I deliver Nannies in the hospitality, events and corporate world. From private Nannies to Mobile kids Clubs for high-end hotels, fairs & events, company parties and support for both employee and employer on the corporate side by means of our services at the office or at the employee’s home.

Parents are completely unburdened and kids are optimally entertained.