Need a babysitter for the children last minute?
High-End Nanny Service has the solution for parents who often have to work overtime, who want to be able to work quietly at home or who are short on time for a nice day out in the weekends or holidays: the Home Nanny Service.

A home nanny is also a good solution for parents who want to go out for dinner or a weekend away together, but just want to let the normal course of business continue for the children. For example, the nannies offer help with homework, and can also stay the night if necessary.

While the parents are at work, the nanny can also organize a day full of entertainment herself. She can take the children to a zoo, play paradise, ice ring, playground, cinema, museum and much more!

The nannies offer the necessary help in every area. Our flexible and professional nannies are available 24/7. The Home Nanny Service can be requested up to three hours before starting time.