On a lovely saturday morning, we had received a call from Hotel TwentySeven requesting nanny service. This nanny service was requested for a sweet little boy of 5 years old. We have very nice, enthusiastic girls in our team who are eager to entertain the children! For this nanny service nanny Lisa has made herself available. She is a very good fit for this service and the age of the child.

Before the service started, Lisa brought her wonder suitcase and filled it with fun activities for the child! She then got there 15 minutes beforehand so she could briefly meet the parents and the child in person. A little later the parents went to dinner, and Lisa made full use of the wonder suitcase together with the child. The boy enjoyed his time with the nanny very much, he could have played all evening long.

But as the nanny’s responsibility, it was time to tuck the little boy in, read to him from an exciting book and wish him a good night’s sleep. The nanny waited quietly and provided security until the parents arrived home. They thanked her for the service, and thought it was a very pleasant experience.

This is a day in the life of one of our nannies. In addition to this service, it is also possible to take the children on an outing. If you’re curious about that, check out: The Nanny on Tour – High End Nanny Service

Little guests are our number one priority, we have been proudly offering our service to various hotels and corporate companies for 4 years now. We hope to be able to offer this to the ‘little guests’ for many years to come.